Pics from Safari

Happy New Year Friends and Family… During Christmas vacation, we went on safari to Addo National Park in Addo, South Africa. It’s a national park that only keeps animals that are native to that part of South Africa, so unfortunately I did not get to see any giraffes, but I did see some other amazing animals…Plus, we got to see an ostriches courting and mating! They have this beautiful dance and way of moving their feathers when trying to attract a mate.

Rhino, Addo National Park, South Africa

Currently in India and am not quite ready to put into words what I’m experiencing here, but stay tuned because I will have a lot to say. For now, I’ll just say that after a week I finally don’t feel like I want to run into a quiet room and hide from all the people and sounds


outside and am settling in to a routine. The students have started their work project, teaching in a variety of settings in two slums here in Jaipur and it is sure to be an eye opening experience for all. This is the first country on our trip where i have felt a degree of culture shock. And the food…well, it’s amazing. More to come…

Ostrich, Addo National Park, South Africa



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2 responses to “Pics from Safari

  1. Erica

    I saw a possum the other night on the sidewalk and it was huge and mean–NOT EXACTLY SAFARI!!! 🙂 I cant believe how fantastic to see these animals.

  2. Mia

    So great that you got to meet these beautiful creatures.
    Happy New Year, Mia

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