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Camel Trek

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My time in India is quickly coming to an end. In less than two weeks we’ll be packing our bags and leaving Jaipur. I’ll be joining the group to visit the Taj Mahal, but while they go on to Delhi I’ll instead head up to the yoga/spiritual center known as Rishikesh and spend some time contemplating life in a quiet spot along the Ganges River. I’ll be rejoining them to head on to China.

Last weekend the group went to the holy city of Pushkar where we went on a camel trek through small villages and spent the night sleeping in tents in the desert at the base of some small mountains. I most enjoyed sharing stories around the fire with warm cups of chai, clean air and a sky full of stars. Camels are pretty disgusting animals (they snarl and spit foam out of their mouths) ¬†and they’re not so friendly, but it was a fun experience.

The students continue to grapple with the purpose of education and are exploring (in their media projects) issues such as the students/teacher relationship, pedagogy that requires little critical thinking vs empowering, what exactly empowerment means, especially in light of women’s empowerment, class and race and how that relates to education, etc. I do have much to say on this and by the end of India I’ll post my thoughts. But for now I’m recovering from a rather bad bout with my stomach and I’m a bit tired.

Missing you all tremendously. Like the desert misses the rain? Like french fries would miss ketchup? Like Vermont misses a good snowstorm in winter (from what I hear)…xoxoxoxoxoxo



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