Friends and Family…this blog is for you.

I’ve decided to leave Vermont, at least for now, where I’ve become deeply rooted to the landscape and my community over the past seven years, in order to explore the world outside this small piece of paradise.  Since my arrival in Vermont 7 years ago, I’ve been an organic vegetable grower and ELL teacher but I’ve also learned the tremendous value of community and simplicity.  Over the next year I hope to understand our ties to communities around the world and our responsibility to being, not just a member of a community within the confines of our homes, but of the world.

From September 2011 – May 2012 I’ll be traveling around the world with a group of 11 students during their gap year (year between high school and college). through an organization called Thinking Beyond Borders. We’ll be exploring international development through such topics as the environment, public health, education and sustainable agriculture by readings and discussions, through inquiry, service projects and home stays.  No doubt I’ll return in 8 months with new found perspective and a great deal more hope in our future. xo


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