Itinerary 2012-2013

September 9th – October 26th: Ecuador (Environment and Natural Resources)  

October 27th – November 2nd:  Peru

November 3rd – December 9th:  China (Sustainable Agriculture)

December 10th – December 18th:  Cambodia

December 19th – January 31st:  India (Education)

February 1st – March 14th:  South Africa (Public Health)

March 15th – April 7th:  U.S.A.


4 responses to “Itinerary 2012-2013

  1. Gloria Cooper

    Would thoroughly enjoy reading about all your activities…sounds FANTASTIC!!!!!

    Aunt Gloria

  2. barbara kaplan

    Hi Amanda,
    As always your descriptive prose is very enlightening. You are seeing so many different cultures in such a concentrated time frame. It is clear your ability to absorb, compare and contrast help you construct meaning for you reader. Biggest news from here Amanda & Jeff expecting a girl 7/4
    Love you and look forward to seeing you when you return xxxooo Barbara

  3. Hi Amanda! This is Claire Mai’s mom. I am visiting her at Wash U this weekend. She seems great- working really hard but very happy. I know she will love reading this. Just wanted to say hi and also to tell you how much Claire admired you last year. AND she loves Isabel Allende (and so do I).

    • So glad to hear Claire is loving college. As much as I am enjoying this year, I so miss Claire and her sense of humor.
      Thanks for the update! And give Clarie a hug for me.

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