TBB Learning

Today is a Good Day to Learn

“Today is a good day to learn.” Don Jose, cultural leader of the Tsa’chila community in El Poste, says to the

Don Jose, Cultural Leader, El Poste

group after they have settled onto giant palm fronds laid out on the earth in a semi circle. This is Don Jose – thoughtful, intentional, his life dedicated to preserving his culture. He stands before us, unassuming, wearing a traditional hand woven skirt, indigo with white stripes, bare chested with a sparking scarf around his neck, his hair smoothed forward jutting out over his forehead (almost like a visor painted red with the seeds from the achote plant.

“Learning takes a great deal of time,” he continues, fanning the smoke rising from a small smoldering cauldron placed in the center of our group, “and therefore patience.”

 “And all we have is time.”

I’m hoping to post my thoughts and reflections on TBB learning and teaching here as I make my way through the program so check back here regularly to see what I’m up to and what I’m thinking.


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